Unos Chicago Grill – Gluten Free Pizza

I remember reading about how Unos Chicago Grill is offering gluten free pizza.  We were all over in Altoona today, which just happens to have a Unos and it was dinner time, so we stopped.  I made sure to ask the host if they offered the GF pizza, and she said yes sir.  Score!

Casey and I shared a GF Cheese Pizza and the kids had regular personal cheese pizzas.  Unos GF cheese pizza came very quickly, almost as quick as the kids.  Unos GF Cheese Pizza was a very thin crust, much thinner than Corinado’s and extremely thing compared to my gluten free pizzas I make at home.  Unos GF Cheese Pizza had decent flavor and I would most likely have it again when traveling with the family.  The price was decent too:  $10 for a 12-14 inch pizza.

So if  you are out and about on travel, and looking for a decent GF pizza, give Unos a try.


Gluten-Free Green Peppers and Pepperoni Pizza

I know that I have posted about my gluten free pizza before, but this time the photos are better.  Enjoy.  I think I have gotten this recipe down perfect now, I haven’t made a less than perfect pizza in over 6 months.  Here are some photos of the yumminess.


Celiac Support Group Meeting

Tonight was my first time attending the State College Celiac Support Group.  I am just so excited to see a local group is now present because the next closest group is in Harrisburg, PA and that is just too far to drive.

Heidi Watson is the group organizer / contact person.  Kudos to her for getting the local support group started!  I enjoyed the meeting agenda.  I especially enjoyed the meeting’s inclusion of two local business owners: Natures Pantry Owner and Corrinado’s Pizza Owner. Continue reading


Gluten-Free Pizza

Tonight was pizza night at our place (gluten-free of course).  I make my pizza crust using a recipe from “Gluten-Free Baking Classic” 1st Edition by Annalise G. Roberts.  If you don’t own this book, get it.  This is by far the best pizza recipe that I have come across.  I have tried many and this one just comes the closest to the real thing.  The aroma that this dough gives off when making it is also wonderful.

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