New York Wine On Ice

Casey surprised me last weekend with a trip to Elmira, NY and tickets to the 2011 Wine On Ice Festival.  I had heard of this even, but never thought I would be attending it.  Essentially wineries and vendors from the fingerlakes region setup booths inside the Elmira First Arena ice hockey arena.  The ice rink is covered and the entire event goes down on top the rink.  ”Wine on ice” get it?

The festival was broken up into 3 hour sessions over 2 days (Friday and Saturday).  Casey had gotten tickets for us to attend the 1-4 pm Saturday session.  We had lunch before the event at a very nice cafe in Elmira, Charlie’s Cafe.  Casey called ahead to Charlie’s and said they were capable of providing gluten-free options for her, which was nice!

When we first arrived at the festival it wasn’t too crowded, but soon enough the rink floor was packed.  We made sure to visit some of our favorite wineries, but we also tried some new wines.  It was nice being able to try new wines from wineries we had never visited during our previous fingerlake trips.

Below are some photos of the event as well as the wines (including a hard cider) we ended up buying at the festival.


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